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Sunday, April 5, 2020

OneDrive client log location

As part of troubleshooting OneDrive Known Folder Move, I was trying to find location where OneDrive stores its log files.
The path for OneDrive logs is this one %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\OneDrive\logs

Unfortunately, as discussed in this forum post the logs are stored in .edl and .odl format and only Microsfot Support can analyze the logs.

Office 365 ProPlus will be rebranded to Microsoft 365 Apps

Microsoft recently announced that Office 365 Pro Plus will change their name to Microsoft 365 Apps. Some other Office 365 products will also be renamed, see

Friday, April 3, 2020

How to solve Intune enrollment errors 0x80180026 and 0xcaa90014

Windows device management with Intune becomes more common, so we need to enroll (and autoenroll) devices in Intune.
One of the ways to enroll devices in Intune is to hybrid join them to Azure AD and then use group policy to autoenroll them to Intune.

In one of my projects I did exactly that, but for around half of devices autoenrollment failed. The first thing to check when autoenrollment fails is the DeviceManagement-Enterprise-Diagnostics-Provider Event Log.

There were two errors reported there:
Auto MDM Enroll: Device Credential (0x0), Failed (Unknown Win32 Error code: 0x80180026)

Auto MDM Enroll: Device Credential (0x0), Failed (Unknown Win32 Error code: 0xcaa90014)

As it turned out the problem was that for these Windows 10 devices old SCCM agent was running, after uninstalling the SCCM agent devices shortly appeared in Intune (autoenroll scheduled task tries to enroll to Intune every five minutes).