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Thursday, January 16, 2020

How to delete (not unpublish, but delete) an application from Google Play Console

I was working in an Intune project where we had to publish a private application to Google Play and then further to Intune managed devices. For one application we needed to publish under different Google Play account and we found out that it is impossible, because package names were the same and there cannot be two applications with the same package name.

Obviously, the first idea was to delete the application from the wrong account, but there was no such option. Event worse - some googling around suggested that there is no way to delete an application, it could just be unpublished, which prevented new installs, but left the application in the Google Play Console.

The solution came unexpectedly, I was submitting a ticket to Google Support and saw an option to request app deletion. It mentioned that it was required to have zero lifetime installs to unpublish the app, but I went forward and tried my luck.

Luckily Google Support said that an app can be deleted if it is in Unpublished state for more than 24 hours. Google Support asked to approve the deletion request from the email which owns the Google Play Console and once that was done, the app was deleted after several hours and could be published under the correct account.


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