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Friday, November 29, 2019

SCCM client does not appear in console. Failed to receive buffer from server with err=0x80090304

If you happen to be in situation when seemingly your SCCM client is working fine, but does not appear in SCCM console, then check CcmNotificationAgent.log
If you see these lines:

Failed to receive buffer from server with err=0x80090304.
Failed to signin bgb client with error = 80090304.

The probably there is conflict with client GUIDs. And you can resolve it with following actions on SCCM client:

  1. net stop ccmexec
  2. certutil –delstore SMS SMS
  3. Rename c:\windows\SMSCFG.INI TO c:\windows\SMSCFG.INI.old
  4. net start ccmexec

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