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Saturday, January 19, 2019

FIXED: Cannot connect to Azure with Point-to-Site VPN, Error 0x800704c9

As a part of setting up an Azure environment, I enabled Point-to-Site VPN for the Virtual Network Gateway. I had this done previously so I though this will going to an easy process.

So, configured certificate authentication, downloaded VPN client, installed it, but upon connecting I got error 0x800704c9, the whole error text was "The remote computer refused the network connection. (Error 0x800704c9)".

I clicked properties, viewed the log file but it didn't help too much.
Then I tried connecting to the port 443 (as I had SSTP VPN) to virtual network gateway and the connection was successful. 
Finally, I had the magic idea to connect from different computer, and this did the trick. The problems I was experiencing were on Windows 7 and they were gone when connecting from Windows 10 v1803 machine.

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  1. How did you do connecting to the port 443 in virtual network gateway? I am encountering same issue with you right now in windows 7.