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Friday, December 16, 2016

Windows 10 feature upgrade to v1607 fails with error 0xC1800118 when deployed through SCCM Servicing

I guess most of you already know that with Windows 10 you will have to do OS feature upgrades frequently to stay supported.
If you are using SCCM then this is done through feature called Windows 10 Servicing. It works almost the same as Auto Deployment Rules.
If you upgrade to Windows 10 v1607 through Servicing and get 0xC1800118 error

 then most likely you have not installed required update when synchronizing Upgrades classification in SCCM Software Update Point / WSUS.

These WSUS updates  and must be installed before you synchronize Upgrades classification.

To solve 0xC1800118 the error you must follow the steps described in Workaround section in this KB article

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