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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Step-by-step: Install SCCM 1606 in offline mode with Service Connection Tool

If your SCCM server is not connected to internet, then it is a bit more difficult to install updates from console, but it is possible. There are three steps:

  1. Switch Service Connection Point to Offline mode.
  2. Download and import updates to SCCM site server.
  3. Install the update.
I will detail the second step as it is the most complicated in the whole process. Third step is the same as having the Service Connection Point in Online mode.

So here is how to get SCCM updates in console in offline mode.

  1. Copy the ServiceConnectionTool from SCCM installation media folder SMSSETUP\TOOLS\ to a the site server.
  2. Prepare usage data (as explained here, there is no way to install updates without sending usage data) with following command. If no data is generated, restart SMS_EXECUTIVE service. 
serviceconnectiontool.exe -prepare -usagedatadest D:\ServiceConnectionTool\

       3. Prepare computer which was internet access:
  • Install .NET 4.5.2;
  • Install Visual C++ Redistributable x64 and x86 versions
  • Copy Service Connection Tool folder with genereated in step 2
      4. On a computer with Download update installation files

       ServiceConnectionTool.exe -connect -usagedatasrc D:\ServiceConnetionTool\ -updatepackdest D:\ServiceConnectionTool\UpdatePacks

  5. Copy all downloaded files to the SCCM site server.
     6. Import installation files to SCCM with command:

serviceconnectiontool.exe -import -updatepacksrc D:\ServiceConnectionTool\UpdatePacks

Install the update as you would on a SCCM site server with internet access: open SCCM console go to Administration - Cloud Services - Updates and Features. Then choos appropriate update, right-click it and run prerequisite check , if it succeeds install the update.

Just remember that after you click to run prereq check and install the update in console, you have to wait a few miutes before the prereq check or installation really starts. 
Monitor CM.Update log in SCCM InstalDir\Logs to see what is actually going on.

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