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Saturday, June 18, 2016

SOLVED: SCCM client error "Signature verification failed for PolicyAssignmentID"

I got this error in SCCM client PolicyAgent.log after recovering SCCM primary site server.
All SCCM clients got error "Signature verification failed for PolicyAssignmentID" and thus tehy could not get policies from SCCM server.
I resolved error with three steps:
1) Deleted all certificates on primary site server in Computer\SMS store
2) Restarted SCCM server (deleted certificates were regenerated);
3) Reinstalled Management Point role.


  1. How do get to computer/sms store

    1. On the Site Server, go to Cert Manager (search Cert in start menu). In Certificate Manager, go to SMS -> Certificates.

  2. Do you need to uninstall the MP roles before you delete the certs if the MP's re on servers other than the primary server?

  3. Just adding that this resolved the issue for me as well. I have MP on a different server than the Site server, but deleting the certificates on site server, rebooting, reinstalling MP role solved the problem.