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Saturday, June 18, 2016

How to fix 0x80220014 error with Windows 10 ADK v1511 and SCCM

If you are using Windows 10 ADK version 1511 then you have to use KB3143760 to make it actually work. Otherwise you will get 0x80220014 error as written here

There is a step-by-step guide how to apply the hotfix, but I would like to stress that in the second step when executing command:
dism /mount-wim /wimfile:C:\WinPE_amd64\media\sources\boot.wim /index:1 /mountdir:C:\WinPE_amd64\mount

"C:\WinPE_amd64\media\sources\boot.wim" should be the actual Boot image which is having the problem. So if you are using SCCM then you should specify something like this:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\OSD\Boot\x64\boot.wim

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