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Friday, April 8, 2016

Windirstat does not show all used disk space

I had a problem when disk space was disappearing for one server. I had deleted and stopped all logs and but the disk space still was getting less each day.
Usually I used WinDirStat tool to find what is filling the disk. This time it didn't help. Also tried running it as administrator, but still no luck.
I googled around and found tool called SpaceSniffer, which helped me to find necessary information. This time "System Volume Information" had eaten all the space. I resolved this by enablig/disabling shadow copies on the problematic volume.


  1. You should also run Directory Report as an Administrator
    Does it find your space hog?

  2. First of congrats :) You this is the first comment in this blog!
    As I wrote SpaceSniffer helped me to find the disk space. I will try Directory Report next time.