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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Enable/disable Internet Explorer Add-ons with group policy

Today I ran into Internet Explorer problem which was caused by buggy IE add-on. So I needed to disable it with group policy.
This is how you can controle IE add-ons with group policy:
1) Navigate to User Configuration - Policies - Administrative Templates - Windows Components - Internet Explorer - Security Features - Add-on Management
2) Click Add-on List, select Enabled
3) Add Values
Value name: this should be the ID of add-on. You can find this value in IE, in "Manage Add-ons" menu, choose necessary add-on, double-click it and Class ID value is what you are looking for.
0 - means disabled and user cannot control it
1 - means enabled and user cannot control it
2 - means enabled and user can control it

It should like something like this:

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